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Training is an art
not just a science....

We offer a full range of training, including all phases of basic obedience and companion training of any breed, agility training, working service dogs, therapy dogs and scent training. Training can be done one-on-one to get the best learning experience for your dog. We have puppy imprinting class, basic obedience, behavior modification, and agility for the beginner. We customize your training experience to you and your dog’s personalities and needs.

At Wonderdog Training


Training is communicating...we teach you to speak dog. We share our years of training knowledge with anyone that has the desire to better their relationship with their dog... Even if your dog is trained...this is great bonding time and your dog will adore you for spending the time doing something he or she loves.

Alice and her trainers are certified and bring a high standard of service dog training to each dog with which they work regardless of their experience level. Her training techniques rely on Timing, Consistency, and Reward rather than force training or Purely Positive methods. It is a balanced style of training. We break each command down, so you understand it step by step. Then tie it together so that it becomes a beautiful dance between you and your dog.  

We are balanced trainers that utilize different training methods, from luring to e-collars, to find the correct method that will benefit each dog’s individual personality. We do not limit ourselves. We continue our education yearly with health care and training seminars to supplement and enforce what you and your dog have already learned. We are also certified in Pet CPR.

All training is done on web cam. This allows us to go over any issues with the owner and share our experience with your pet.

Your dog is in training all the time. Every time you feed your dog, you inadvertently teach them SOMETHING... this is feeding time, and this is where we eat...  they learn this fast. We utilize feeding time to teach your pet through luring and PURELY POSITIVE methods.

Please call (573)365-6195 to discuss your personalized training needs

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