Scent detection for police K9 units. Pictured is Cerberus, trained and sold to a Chaffee, MO police officer and is now on full time duty with the K9 unit. Cerberus is a German Shepherd of the VomSterntal working bloodline.
We offer basic obedience classes which include:
  • boarding with 2-week training
  • Two follow up classes
  • Six week one-on-one basic obedience
  • puppy imprinting
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen testing and certification
  • beginners agility course Training & Alice'n' Wondergrooms 
We off a full range of training, including basic obedience and companion training of any breed, working service dogs, therapy dogs and scent training.

                       Training is an art
                                                not just a science....

   We offer all phases of obedience training for your pet. Training is done one-on-one to get the best learning experience for your dog. We have puppy imprinting class, basic obedience (6 week course), behavior modification, and agility for the beginner.
   Also available is a 2 week IN HOUSE training course where your dog stays with me & is trained in basic obedience, which also comes with 2 private follow-up classes.

AKC evaluator for Canine Good Citizen training

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