Training & Alice'n' Wondergrooms 


We are a full service doggie stop. Service & therapy dog training is our priority.

Our Master Groomer graduated at 'Golden Paws Grooming School' in Houston TX and has been a grooming trainer for 8 years; worked 3 years in veterinarian offices; A grooming manager with Petco and a certified trainer for PetCo groomers for 4 yrs; Competed at the Las Vegas prestigious grooming competition (Super Zoo as seen on Animal Planet) for 5 years against the top international groomers from all over the world; Has been a professional grooming shop owner for 18 years.

Our trainer graduated from the world re-known school for dog trainers, the Tom Rose school for dog trainers in St. Louis, MO, Studied with Canine Behavior Modification in Waynesville, MO to obtain a service dog trainers certification & has had great success with all dogs that go through the desired training course. 
Owner: Lawrence Greer

Daytime Phone: 573-365-6195

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