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Service Dogs Training

  We specialize in Mobility Assistant dogs.  These dogs help people with physical limitation of any kind. You are able to go places & do things like anyone else with the assitance of your dog. I Know--I've been down this road! Our dogs are proven at what they can do & are able to do their jobs no matter the circumstance. They are tested under every circumstance possible for the absolute best outcome. Any person with a disability can qualify for a service dog of any kind including PSDs, by meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. A doctors letter is required.
   A dog needs to be able to pass the Public Access Test in order to qualify & be called a service dog. the PAT proves your dog is task trained for your disability. A PSD dog provides support to people suffering primarily from panic attacks, anxiety, depression, & isolation. A PSD dog jobs include a calming presence & help with daily presence . A mobility dog will help with daily task such as picking up a dropped object, bringing medication to
their handler, or helping the handler maintain balance because some medications cause dizziness. Test qualifications provided thru

Your dog can be taught to be a support for you to get up from the floor. They can pick up an item off the floor & hand it to you. They can go to the fridge to retrieve your medicine & bring it to you. If in a wheelchair they will walk along with you & perform the task that are ask of it. Turn lights off, open a door. put things in your shopping cart if needed.

Service dog in action

 This is Brighton. He has been trained as a mobility assistant dog . He does support for you to get up or balance yourself with. He will pick up an item from the floor when ask so you dont have to bend over. He is for someone with physical limitations; he can be trained for additional needs. (Brighton has been sold; Service dogs are available when they are needed)Each dog is trained for the individual's issues, so no service dog is "ready to walk out the door" until the correct match has been made between person & dog, and the dog can perform all tasks for their new owner.
These are service dogs trained by us that have been placed - 

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