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The School

 Golden Paws Pet Grooming School, love of pets is why we become groomers.

Golden Paws®  Pet Styling Academy offers the Golden Paws Instructional Pet Styling Program created by Jacqueline Rauch who has used and refined this method over five decades.  You may wonder how you can go to school for 8-9 weeks and really learn quality dog styling when other school programs may be longer.  Training success in any field is all about the quality of the program.  The Golden Paws®  Method of Teaching is unique.  Jacqueline, a master stylist and one of the nation's top instructors painstakingly broke down and captured  each step of the grooming process in thousands of pictures to which instructions were added to become the Golden Paws Learn Dog Grooming Book. Students can quickly learn the styling skills needed to create beautifully finished breed designs or customize styles for the pet owner.

Our main priority is the student and if you need an extra week to feel comfortable, one will be provided at no charge.

  Students come to us worldwide for training.  You owe it to yourself to see why graduates trained in the Golden Paws instructional method go on to successful businesses and careers.

Choosing the Career


Choosing a career in the field of dog styling gives you the choice of being employed in a high demand career or self employed, from making house calls in a 1 person mobile grooming van to owning a multi revenue stream pet service business. The choice is yours! 

You'll find this careers flexible days - hours are enough to suit almost any lifestyle. The demand for well-qualified pet stylists greater than the supply. This is the result of the profession being a somewhat hidden career choice. This relative obscurity has created exceptional opportunities for people who love animals and want an exciting and rewarding career. If working with animals is your dream - now is the time to make it happen.

 Our instructors are professional stylists who are proficient with the training program. Each instructor aligns his or her styling skills alongside each instructional step in the program. Each one of these steps builds the framework in which students develop their skills. For this reason, it is essential for both the instructor and the student to follow the program steps in a systematic manner. We work with each student on an individual basis to help them reach their fullest potential.  

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The Instructional Program


Give customers a reason to do business with you.  

The instructional program at Golden Paws®  Pet Styling Academy is a simplified step-by-step method designed and refined over a 50-year period by one of the nation’s top instructors, Jacqueline Rauch. Jacqueline has produced five instructional videos with the same step-by-step material. These videos compliment the instructional manual and they work in conjunction with one another. The composition of the instructional material is arranged and organized to develop quality styling skills, outline shaping, blending, balance and proportion, and how to apply those skills to breed design, control methods, proper handling, and speed techniques.

Our comprehensive program is designed for the student to master all of the basic grooming skills with an emphasis on fine finishing skills. The student will begin the program by learning about the various tools, their usage, operation, and maintenance. The next areas covered will be control methods, safety procedures, proper handling, pet oral hygiene, cleaning and sanitation. The skill development portion of the program is taught in three parts. Part One is the Bathing and Blow-Drying Skills, Part Two is the Prepping Skills, and Part Three is the Styling and Finishing Skills along with the Breed Designs.



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