Training & Alice'n' Wondergrooms 

Dogs - The best Medicine for Humans

Doctors, Psychologists and Sociologists have discovered that dogs, our most faithful pets, not only guard homes and make good companions but also serve health promoting functionsDogs improve the physical and emotional well being of their owners.

     All training is done by school certified & experienced trainers. AKC C.G.G. testing & certification by AKC evaluator. Dogs for PSD's (psychiatric service dog) will also pass the Public Access Test, the same as a mobility assistant dog - helping with balance, retrieving dropped items, stair stability & much more.  All service dogs are registered with United States Service Dog Registry.

      A therapy dog, a companion dog or a service dog can clearly enhance the quality of life for humans by filling central psychological needs such as dispelling loneliness & boredom, facilitating social contact, and providing opportunities to feel appreciated and understood. A dog also gives its owner a positive self image and increased self confidence.
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