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Alice 'N Wondergrooms


Full Service Professional Grooming

All dogs are groomed to breed standard,  competition quality or styled for the best look at an affordable price. Grooms include nails, ears, anal glands, a high quality shampooing, hand drying with forced air (not heat) and, of course, a fantastic groom finish with fancy bows or a bandanna.


We treat your dog like our own

Grooms are done the highest of standard in a nice, 'home-feel' clean area. We treat your dog with the utmost care using state of the art equipment. Grooming done by a Master Groomer Pet Stylist and guaranteed. We offer pet cuts, to scissor styles, hair dying, and design stenciling for those special 'party' times. All dogs are bathed in top of the line TropiClean shampoo, then hand-dried, brushed out or de-shedded. 

Groomed Poodle

Award Winning Service

The beautiful Poodle pictured to the left is from the Las Vegas 2004 Grooming Competition, as seen on Animal Planet.